Collection: LE PETIT BIO

Giving your babies the best care and attention is one of the most fulfilling resolutions a mother can have. We at Calier Spa know what's best for your little ones. Most of the ingredients and synthetic fragrances present in many cosmetic products tend to trigger adverse reactions on the baby's skin and cause irritation. In fact, we offer products for your children based on natural organic ingredients that allow them to keep their skin hydrated, nourished and free from irritation. Our range of natural cosmetic products for babies is extremely safe even during the first months of life.

Our 2-in-1 Cleansing Body Wash is a safe and natural way to wash your face, body and sensitive hair. Baby balm helps your baby breathe easily and helps to sleep soundly. Give your baby a comfortable massage with our baby massage oil. In our online store, you will even find a beautiful gift package that can be a great gift option for any occasion.