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Calier SPA is an Italian company, the result of twenty years of experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector, in the context of a constant improvement of the quality of life of people and the environment, we produce natural Eco Bio cosmetic lines in harmony with nature, our formulators with over 45 years of experience give life to unique cosmetics for both functional and aesthetic effectiveness...

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    ●Natural but effective

    ●Formulas based on scientific studies

    ●Only natural ingredients, highly concentrated and carefully chosen

    ●They spread perfectly and are not greasy

    ●High tolerability, non-allergenic, ideal for sensitive skin

    ●All products are subjected to specific dermatological tests and in accordance with the law


    ●Exclusive formulas, and studied ad hoc

    ●Test phases lasting an average of 2-3 years

    ●Each batch undergoes a very careful quality control

    ●Necessary certifications (BIO, RIA, dermatologically tested, etc.)

    ●Laboratory of specialists with 40 years of experience in the natural bio field


    ●Free beauty consultation via Whatsapp

    ●Always available to solve any problem

    ●Always keeping an eye on customers' needs when creating new products

    ●Always open to suggestions to improve our service

    ●Sales team always available

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