gold elisir dermogel aloe olio bio naturale cosmetica cosmesi verde inci argilla crema viso mani corpo shampoo doposole


2 great products!
Multiple uses!

For face:
☘mixture of 2 products as a face cream for all skin types, excellent in summer, does not make you sweat, regenerates and soothes the skin, tightens dilated pores, eliminates redness
☘mixture of 2 products as an eye contour cream
☘Elixir as a make-up remover (eliminates all make-up)
☘mixture of 2 products like make up base
☘ Elixir like antiage oil, nourishing, regenerative
☘Elixir as a lip nutrient
☘mixture of 2 products as an excellent after-sun, which regenerates and soothes the skin (even sunburned)
☘ Aloe to replace summer day cream for oily skin
☘ Aloe as an anti-acne gel

For hair:
☘Elixir to reactivate hair growth, applying it on the scalp, massaging and keeping from 30 min up to 8 hours
☘ Elixir as a hair pack to regenerate and restructure
☘ Aloe to eliminate itching, applying on the leather and leaving it on for the night
☘ Elixir to enrich your shampoo, conditioner and hair mask

By body:
☘mixture of 2 products as an excellent after-sun, which regenerates and soothes the skin (even sunburned)
☘ blend of 2 products like a moisturizing and nourishing cream, it absorbs immediately and makes the skin feel amazing
☘mixture of 2 products to soothe the skin after depilation (even in the bikini area)
☘mixture of 2 products (or just Elixir) for dermatitis, eczema and other skin problems

And much more! It just takes your imagination!

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Prodotti ottimi!!


Fatto l’ordine ottimi prodotti consegna in tre giorni precisi e puntuali…. Sbagliato io I dati della consegna sono stati gentilissimi e disponibili ed hanno risolto immediatamente…
Consiglio a tutti..


Sono arrivati … stasera già provati .
Ho la pelle con dei problemi vi farò un ottima recensione se migliora , foto uno già scattata

Elena Marazzini

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