Frequent questions

1. Are there different types of scrubs for different skin types?

No, ScrubIT is unique and universal, designed to be effective on all skin types.

2. Are there different face and body scrubs?

No, ScrubIT is good for both face and body.

3. Can I use it every day?

No, it should be used every other day at most 4 times a week (2 times for delicate skin)

4. Why do I need to take an allergy test?

Although the product is 100% natural, the test must be done, because even natural products can cause allergies.

5. How to do the allergy test?

Simply apply a little Scrub on a small well-dampened part of the body (preferably on the forearm/inner arm) and then rinse with water. If after 24 hours no signs of irritation have appeared, the scrub can be used.

6. Can I do the same scrub at home?

No, because the ingredients that make up the Scrub must be dosed in certain percentages and then treated and processed to be effective and not harmful.