Calier SPA. Knowledge, Courtesy and Effectiveness

Calier SPA is an Italian company, the result of twenty years of experience in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector, in the context of a constant improvement in the quality of life of people and the environment, we produce Eco Bio natural cosmetic lines in harmony with nature, our formulators with over 45 years of experience give life to unique cosmetics for both functional and aesthetic effectiveness.
The professional and home care Calier SPA skincare, formulated with 100% Natural and Organic active ingredients, selected to act synergistically and in a targeted way on various dermatological problems. The latest generation products made to penetrate deeply into the skin and to transmit the natural active ingredients down to the cellular level, are the best for the beauty of the skin.
Each product is specifically designed in the laboratory in collaboration with the Universities of Pavia and Turin and both Italian and foreign research bodies through an in-depth study of the biochemical mechanisms that are the main cause of major skin problems, both functional and aesthetic, understood as continuous research and certainty of results.
The Calier SPA lines dedicated to skin and hair care where the purity of plant, natural and organic extracts present in high concentrations guarantee high quality products .

The ingredients

Calier SPA cosmetics are highly nutritious as they are made with the privileged use of plants, flowers and fruits from organic and wild plant cultivation. Our products are eco-biologically certified Soil and Health which was founded in 1962 and is the first control and certification body for organic in Italy member of the EOCC (European Organic Certifiers Council) is one of the main control and certification bodies for production organic in Europe. Thanks to rigorous dermatological tests, it guarantees the use of pure and skin-compatible ingredients, more suitable for sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin . In fact, Calier SPA uses only and exclusively natural ingredients dermatologically tested, certified eco-organic and 100% pure essential oils. Our products are totally free of potentially harmful substances. Calier SPA products are not tested on animals, do not contain animal ingredients and are 100% made in Italy.