Sport come... droga e antidepressivo

Sports as... drug and antidepressant

☝ Have you ever noticed that after an intense workout there is a feeling of euphoria and well-being? 🙌 During and after sporting activity there is a crazy increase (by 500%) of the so-called 'hormones of happiness', endorphins. 💚

🤗 It's the molecules that produce the sensations of analgesia and the sense of well-being... The exact same thing happens when a person takes drugs!💉

🔝 The increase in these hormones, accompanied by the decrease in cortisol, a stress hormone, are two important biochemical effects thanks to which the practice of sport represents a natural technique to stimulate our brain to produce antidepressant substances and to help control stress .😡

🏃 It should be noted that practicing sport helps to overcome depression thanks to the possibility of adequately exploiting numerous antidepressant potentials of sports, such as:
🏇 the predicted ability to stimulate the production of endorphins and especially serotonin that regulates mood, activity and sleep;
🏋 the possibility of lowering blood levels of cortisol, whose excessive presence stimulates physical exhaustion and endogenous depression and which, with sport, remains at low levels even in the face of new stressful events;
🏄 the opportunity to shift the focus of daily attention from negative thoughts to thoughts centered on motor patterns and creative and positive moments that can be passionate;
⛷ the recovery of positive bodily sensations, a physical sense of well-being and a positive aesthetic-physical perception of oneself, which directly affect self-esteem, an identity dimension extremely connected to the development and overcoming of depressive feelings;
🏂 the offer of new relationship possibilities and group situations, which if properly managed, can become opportunities for social rehabilitation since positive sports groups can satisfy the need to belong, becoming substitute places of belonging in cases where, for various reasons, the primary family group is absent or presents problems.

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