SPF. La verità che non sapevi

SPF. The truth you didn't know

Some people think that the SPF value on sunscreen jars is a percentage of the amount of UV rays that are blocked and not absorbed by the skin.

This figure is approximately safe TIME spent in the sun. To make it easier, multiply this figure by 15. For example, cream with SPF 10 protection will protect you from the negative effects of the sun for more or less 150 minutes.

But any sunscreen, even if SPF 100, must be reapplied after swimming, after excessive sweating and in any case after 2-3 hours of sun exposure. So don't let the numbers fool you.

According to studies cream with any SPF should be applied in a dose of 2ml per 1cm2 of skin.
By applying the cream following these rules, a 200 ml bottle would be enough for a week (for just one person). If you've been using it for more than a week don't expect much protection for your skin.

It is necessary to apply sunscreen not when you are already on the beach sunbathing but 20-30 minutes before leaving the house, otherwise the sunscreens have not yet come into action and you have already received a good portion of UV rays.

Australian researchers did an experiment that lasted 4 years, in which 900 people participated. The purpose of the study was to find out if the use of SPF protects the skin from the signs of aging. Over this time, half of the participants used sunscreen every day, reapplying it every three hours of sun exposure, after sweating or after swimming. The second half didn't receive such strict instructions and used the SPF cream as they thought it was right.

After 4 years all participants took pictures of the back of the hand on which the cream was applied all this time.
According to Dr. Adele Green: "The drawing on the skin surface demonstrates the consequences of the influence of the sun's rays in the deep layers of the skin, especially in the elastic tissue and collagen layer."
Here is the result of the experiment: Those who regularly and correctly applied sunscreen had 24% fewer signs of aging!

World-renowned dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt assures you that you can save a lot of money on medicines and cosmetics if you start using SPF creams from a young age.

Also, as our children spend more time outdoors and their tender skin burns more quickly, the American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that you protect them from the sun very carefully.
Take care of yourself!

With love, Calier SPA

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