RUGHE. Chirurgo o cosmetici?

WRINKLES. Surgeon or cosmetics?

Wrinkles are the sign of skin aging and the consequent loss of tone for three causes that intervene throughout a person's life:
🍁 facial mimics
🍁 loss of collagen and elastin
🍁 hormonal changes that slow down normal cell turnover.

😕 Unfortunately neither anti-wrinkle creams nor surgery will perform miracles.

The only solution is to act IN ADVANCE keeping the skin in good health through:
🍃 constant and optimal hydration
🍃 minimizing sun exposure damage
🍃 obviously combining a diet rich in water, fruit and vegetables

The best creams are those that moisturize and nourish with particular active ingredients:

🍀HYALURONIC ACID (corrects tissue degeneration, promotes hydration and improves structural support for collagen synthesis, tissue rejuvenation and elastin repair)

🍀RETINOL (stimulates keratolysis and promotes tissue hydration and dermal repair)

🍀HYDROLYSED PROTEINS (wheat, soy, olive, silk)

🍀 VEGETABLE PHYTOSTEROLS (fortify the barrier function of the skin, reduce the loss of trans-epidermal water and provide protection to the skin against environmental aggressions)

🍀VITAMIN E (protects the skin from the action of free radicals, improves skin hydration and elasticity and reinforces the natural protection of the epidermis)

🍀 SQUALENE (prevents the water contained in the deepest skin layers from evaporating and protects the skin from aggression by pathogens)

❔ And do you use anti-age creams? Did you know that it is advisable to use them already at the age of 24-25 because the aging process starts at this age?

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