Quanto i cosmetici penetrano nella pelle?

How well do cosmetics penetrate the skin?

The skin is able to absorb and react with the substances with which it comes into contact, in fact for survival it is essential that absorption is selective and for this reason we speak of a barrier function.

The substance that most needs to be stopped are not poisons but water, in fact thanks to the barrier of the skin we don't drink until we drown as soon as we immerse our body in water and above all we can go around in the air and in the sun without drying up, which is fundamental since we are made for 70% water.

Until a few decades ago, skin with its barrier function was considered waterproof.

Since the first capillaries are found below a few tens of microns from the surface, the main barrier function is performed by the outermost layer of the skin, the dermal layer.

But anyone who knows the discomforts of a contact allergy understands perfectly that the skin barrier is permeable, it can let some substances pass.

So how and how much could a cosmetic active penetrate?

Various studies confirm that if the active substance is present in the cosmetic in minimal concentrations, it can penetrate the skin in less than minimal quantities.

Since the concentrations of the active substances in cosmetics are often less than 1% (very often they are much less than 1%) if their effectiveness depends on how much it penetrates, we can imagine why so many promises are not kept by advertising.

Our company "CALIER SPA" produces all cosmetics with 100% natural active ingredients and present in high percentages and thanks to these they have a very high effectiveness that can be seen from the first application.

With love, CALIER SPA

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