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Mechanical (manual) cleansing of the face has already disappointed quite a few cosmetologists.

1.In the process of mechanical cleaning to extract the contents of the pores, the skin is always exposed to strong pressure, which is why there is a risk of redness and swelling, which will remind you of the procedure for a couple more days. Those with tender and sensitive skin after this procedure look like they came out of a hive full of bees 👹

2. It is not always possible to completely extract the content from the sebaceous glands, which is why after a couple of days the sebum residues can lead to an inflammatory reaction, the appearance of infiltrations and new pustules.

3. Not all professionals are equally skilled! Inflammation after the procedure is nothing compared to the possibility of getting a skin deformation (scar) or vascular spot.

4. Not all girls pay attention, it's really easy to cause an infection on already inflamed skin, rather than causing even greater problems.

✅ First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that you are personally responsible for the beauty of your skin. The rule ′′ it's clean where you don't dirty ′′ also applies to your face 😉 ✅ If you suffer from rashes, eliminating them is much more expensive and complicated than eliminating the cause of their appearance 🕷!

What is needed to do this?

✅ Get a complete medical check-up, don't overlook the problem, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and try to fix the problem right away.

✅ Balances nutrition according to the right percentage of fat / carbohydrate / protein, minimizing blood glycemic index (sugar) swings (no more than 25 grams of fast carbohydrates per day divided by 4 meals). Any calorie counter can help you, download the app on your smartphone.

✅ Select for yourself a more suitable cure for your skin and keep your skin's reaction under control!

Components required for treatment:

💚 Delicate, non-aggressive cleanser for daily use.
💚 Soft smoothing agent for weekly acid-based deep cleaning and a Scrub.
💚 Cleansing and moisturizing mask.
💚 Moisturizer.

You can find the natural and effective dermocosmetics for all skin types HERE

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