Peli incarniti. Come risolvere il problema?

Ingrown hairs. How to solve the problem?

Ingrown skins ...Painful and unsightly... What a nuisance after each depilation!

So let's try to understand what causes these annoying ingrown hairs to appear under the skin?

Here is the main cause: an incorrect SHAVING/depilation.

Before proceeding with shaving, we are used to "pulling" the skin with our hands to avoid cutting ourselves. When we leave the skin, the cut hair tends to re-enter the skin before growing back outwards. If the trimmed hair can't find its way out, then it starts growing incorrectly and crooked. Furthermore, the outlet of the hair to the outside (hair ostium) can be hindered by the scar tissue that develops as a result of the micro-nicks caused by the razor; this tissue, together with the accumulations of dead cells, tends to occlude the hair ostium . And here an excellent Scrub can help us!

  • To obtain flawless skin and prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, it would be enough to use ScrubIT before depilation.
  • Attention! Do not use cold water to prevent pores from closing.
  • Massaging the skin with circular movements will cause ScrubIT to eliminate all dead cells and make your skin incredibly smooth and clean. At this point you will be ready to start shaving.
  • Pay attention to the direction in which you shave, to prevent the hair from growing in an unnatural direction.
  • And don't forget to always clean the skin after each depilation, unclogging the pores.
  • 2-4 days after depilation you should do the scrub again to prevent the skin from 'imprisoning' the skins that are growing back.

These quick and easy steps will make your skin healthy, glowing, velvety and make you happy and full of love for yourself.

And finally you can say 'BYE INGROWN HAIR!'

With love, CALIER SPA

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