Mare, sole... e CAPELLI

Sea, sun... and HAIR

Summer is upon us and we have to start thinking about how to protect our hair .

On the one hand, summer is a happy time for hair because exposure to the sun improves some disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis . In these months of the year you can notice that the hair is less greasy and with less dandruff .

On the other hand , the salt air, the sun's rays and the wind weaken the hair , making it harder, dry and brittle, especially at the ends. Salt air and chlorine from swimming pools also damage the hair shaft.

Seasonal hair loss can also occur during the summer in those individuals who sweat a lot on their heads, because sweat has an irritating effect on the scalp.

What are the rules to protect our hair during this time?

1. Avoid hair treatments such as perms and coloring. These procedures cause chemical damage to the hair, weakening it and making it defenseless to face a period at the beach or in the high mountains.

2. It is essential to wash your hair with fresh water every time after swimming in the sea or swimming pool, with a mild shampoo (without SLS), and apply a rich conditioner after each wash.

3. Dry the hair at low temperatures, keeping the hair dryer at least 15 centimeters from the head and pausing it for a few moments during drying, so as to allow the cuticles (the outer surface of the hair) to cool down. Even better not to use the hair dryer in the summer.

4. Do at least 2 times a week nourishing masks and wraps on the hair which will nourish, protect the hair and improve its appearance.

5. Apply sunscreen products along the entire length of the hair.

6. Do not comb wet or dry hair rub them with a towel, otherwise you risk roughening the cuticle, resulting in dull and frizzy hair.

Hair is the expression of pride and beauty that nature has given to women. It is essential to take care of it with natural and delicate products. Our magnificent 100% natural Gold Elixir for hair composed of 11 precious oils and vitamin E is perfect for protecting, restructuring and nourishing the hair in depth, and in addition thanks to the rice bran oil your hair will be protected from the sun's rays .

With love,

Calier SPA

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