L'eterna giovinezza delle mani di Hollywood Stars

The eternal youth of the hands of Hollywood Stars

The hands are the part of the body most sensitive to signs of aging because the skin in this area is much thinner than the skin on the face. In addition to this, the skin on the back of the hand has a too thin lipid layer and very few sebaceous glands do not protect it from external aggressions. With age, the skin becomes even thinner, its color also changes, protruding and swollen veins appear, which grow and become larger over time.

20+. Significantly improves the appearance of the skin, increases resistance and prolongs youthfulness a weekly peel (for example, using SCRUBIT)
40+. Makes the skin smooth and improves its appearance to help with 20% TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) peel, instead kojic acid peel will help eliminate pigmentation.

20+. It's really sad but at this young age we begin to age. No one will be able to argue with the fact that from afar you see a girl who takes care of herself with perseverance and competence. Good quality hand cream should be everywhere: on the sink, at work and in the car. You can take a moment for your hands while you are washing the dishes: Apply a thick layer of the cream on your hands, put on gloves and you can enjoy a sauna effect which allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.
40+. In addition to the care you do at home, your hands need periodic biorevitalization. The skin must be deeply moisturized before and after a sunstroke.
50+. Here, in addition to home and salon treatments, exfoliation and the injection of vitamin-rich and moisturizing cocktails, modeling of the back of the hand is added with filling fillers that allow you to obtain lost volume even in just one session. Beyond the volume, fillers stimulate the production of collagen. Instead of fillers, subcutaneous fat cells can be used (lipofilling).
If the swollen gray-blue veins bother you, you can remove them in a few minutes with a laser.
Surgeries are last to do and are usually done by age 60+. They are performed under local anesthesia using ultrafine threads and hiding the small seams between the fingers.

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