Guaranà fa dimagrire. Vero o falso?

Guarana makes you lose weight. True or false?

Anyone who has tried to lose a few pounds, perhaps several times in their life, has probably come across food supplements based on plant extracts, the so-called " slimming pills ".
Among these one of the most famous is guarana , which is said to have the power to accelerate metabolism and therefore help us burn calories . But it's true? Let's try to clarify a bit.
🚩 What is it? It is a climbing plant native to the Amazon , which produces red fruits containing seeds.
🚩 What's in it? Caffeine plus mineral salts, vegetable fibers, tannic acid, starch, etc.
🚩 What benefits does it bring? It has invigorating, energetic, stimulating virtues of the central nervous system and is useful in combating "bad" cholesterol.
🚩 What does caffeine do? It is a natural psychostimulant that stimulates the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline which lead to a 10-15% increase in basal metabolic rate.
But ATTENTION! Caffeine (logically also GUARANA) has useful effects for weight loss but ONLY if associated with a HYPOCALORIC DIET and REGULAR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!
🌱 Without diet and sport Guarana will really give you a lot of energy, good mood and maximum concentration but NOT weight loss!
☡ Attention! Do not exceed the recommended dose!
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