Esfoliazione del cuoio capelluto

Scalp exfoliation

☝ As for the face and body, it is absolutely necessary to do a SCRUB also on the SCALP 🙆 •
❗ A scalp peeling performed regularly and with natural products 🌿 will be of great help AGAINST FRAGILITY AND HAIR FALL.

👍 We know the practice of exfoliation very well: it is about eliminating, through mechanical action (or with acids or ferments), the dead cells of the superficial layer of the skin from the face and from the whole body. These dead cells build up on the skin, making it less beautiful and glowing.

❗ By peeling (scrub) your face and body on a regular basis (and using natural products that aren't irritating ⚠) you get glowing and fresh skin, which gives us a better look.

💆 So why not reserve the same treatment for our hair and scalp? The idea of ​​exfoliating the scalp can be very useful for the health and beauty of our hair.

❗ This ′′ cleaning ′′ eliminates dead cells from this area, eliminates the excess sebum that often characterizes it and soothes some types of inflammation from which the scalp can be afflicted especially in case of oily hair.

🔝 In particular, the elimination of excess sebum can be a solution when we have brittle hair problems or hair that tends to fall out: in fact, excess sebum (besides being unsightly) is one of the CAUSES OF HAIR LOSS, because it SUFFOCATE THE REGROWTH of the hair itself, which turns out to be increasingly weak.

🏁 By eliminating excess sebum and the skin irritation that often accompanies it, a lot can be done for hair health and to help its regrowth: to PURIFY the scalp, SOOTHEN irritations, STIMULATE hair GROWTH and ACTIVATE BLOOD CIRCULATION in the area it will be useful to try our SCRUBIT before shampooing. •
💚 The result will amaze you 💚

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