What do you think harms your hair the most?

The coloring? No, it's too rare an event. A hair dryer? Truly a good hair dryer used correctly makes hair even stronger! (We'll talk about this in another article) WASHING? Absolutely yes!!!

80% of the damage our hair suffers is caused by washing the head!

We're not saying you can't wash your hair, but let's talk about how you shouldn't wash your hair.

How to wash your hair correctly?

9 important aspects

1. Shampoo is never applied to the entire length of the hair. The main objective of the shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and solve its problems (itching / dandruff / excess sebum / dryness, etc.). Its task is to let the skin breathe while gently purifying it.

2. Shampoo is not applied to the ends of the hair. This is literally a mortal sin! The shampoo is designed primarily for leather, and only after washing the leather, the foam that comes down will clean everything else. Your main task when washing your head is to cleanse your skin as much as possible, but at the same time protect your ends from this deep cleansing!

3. Healing shampoo with any type of recommendation on the label is also used on the scalp. The top layer of the skin is constantly renewing itself, which means that today you apply shampoo to slightly different skin than you did yesterday. Furthermore, the fact that hair has a positive charge and dust particles - a negative charge, this means that dirt easily sticks to the hair and sticky sebum increases its accumulation. All this not only blocks the pores, but also destroys the surface of the hair (what flies in the air does not have an environmental safety certificate😉). By the way, not only the hair but also the skin of the face suffers, because all this dirt will settle on the pillow during the night.

4. The base of the shampoo powder (dry shampoo) consists of absorbent microspheres (starch, clay, talc, etc.). These components absorb the sebum which then combs away with the impurities. The surface of the hair is partially cleansed, but the pores are not, which ultimately causes itching and irritation. The product is suitable when there is an urgency but cannot be used constantly.

5. If you want to have the best result, apply the mask before shampooing. Conditioners and masks must ALWAYS be applied leaving a 5 cm distance from the roots so as not to weigh down freshly washed hair. Conditioners and masks contain protective ingredients that form a film and clog pores, blocking the nutrition of hair follicles.

6. To comb your hair while washing, use a wide-toothed comb with rounded tips. This type of comb is used only when applying the conditioner or mask to facilitate subsequent combing.

7. After shampooing, apply a little conditioner, a little mask, then a spray to facilitate combing, then thermal protection, then mousse or hairspray to give volume, and then spray a spray to make your hair shine. .. STOP. You can apply 2-3 products after shampooing, all others are a huge burden on the hair root.

8. If you use too hot water when washing, you will definitely get hair of a dull color, in addition, you will activate the sebaceous glands and the hair will lose its freshness twice as fast. Use lukewarm water to wash your head and cool water to rinse your tips (we emphasize for the "tips").

9. After washing the hair, do not rub it with a towel but pat it dry. And, by the way, in order for the hair not to lose all the moisture at once, the towel used should be damp. A dry towel takes in all the moisture, practically dehydrating the hair, while a damp towel only takes in the water you don't need.

Take care of your beauty!

With love,


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