An unbalanced diet is the most common cause of the appearance of acne. Here are the most important foods that cause this problem:

⚠ sugar
⚠ milk
⚠ white flour

❌SUGAR⏩high glycemic index⏩insulin resistance⏩ACNE
❌ MILK ⏩ hormones and growth factors ⏩ ACNE
❌WHITE FLOUR (WHITE RICE, POTATOES)⏩simple sugars⏩high glycemic index⏩insulin resistance⏩ACNE

✔ Avoid foods that contain saturated fats: red meat, industrial desserts, cream-filled desserts, chips, pancakes, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

✔ To sweeten tea or coffee use honey instead of sugar.

✔Change your eating habits by choosing a low glycemic index diet.

✔ Cook steamed, grilled, avoid frying.

✔ Avoid cow's milk and derivatives, use soy instead, for example. And don't worry about the possible 'lack' of calcium, the latest research shows that to lower the acidity of the blood caused by milk, our body must give away a huge amount of calcium from the bones. Therefore the statement that milk is good for bones is WRONG.

✔ Instead of white flour use wholemeal or type 2, instead of pasta use cereals such as barley, oats, spelled etc.

✔ Play sports

✔ Don't smoke and avoid alcohol


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