11 fantastici consigli per proteggere pelle e capelli d'estate

11 fantastic tips to protect skin and hair in the summer

Sun, sea, aggressive detergents... All this makes the skin dry and the hair brittle.

The natural and effective Dermocosmetics of CALIER SPA will protect and regenerate your skin and hair!

☀️ before exposing yourself to the sun do a nice SCRUB with ScrubIT . It will eliminate all dead cells, make the skin smooth and luminous, make the TAN intense and uniform.
🛀 before doing the DEPILATION with the RAZOR use ScrubIT to avoid the formation of INCARNITE HAIR. Then apply Dermogel Aloe to hydrate and calm IRRITATED skin (adding 2 drops of Gold Elixir is also great for calming skin in the BIKINI ZONE 😉).
☀️ if it's HOT outside and you don't feel like applying cream, the best solution is the BLEND of Dermogel Aloe and Gold Elixir ! You can apply this amazing mix on your face and body, you'll have HYDRATED and NOURISHED skin without being weighed down. If you have oily skin, Dermogel Aloe alone may be enough (for the night, however, apply the Multiactive Cream for intense nourishment)
🤷♀️ after the SEA, has the ITCHING in the head become more intense? Apply Dermogel Aloe in the evening all over the scalp and wash your hair after you wake up with Extra Delicate Shampoo from CALIER SPA. There will be no more traces of this annoying disturbance!
👣 is the skin on the FEET dry and cracked? It's not a problem! First make a nice SCRUB with ScrubIT , already after the first use your skin will be more beautiful and soft. For the night, apply Souffle Body Cream (exaggerate, don't save 😉), put on cotton socks and when you wake up you will find your feet VERY SOFT and SMOOTH!

🖐 Is the skin on your HANDS dry? Okay, no problem! The continuation is almost the same: first ScrubIT (massage well), then INTENSIVE Hand Cream . And as a BONUS we give you an amazing TIP: use Gold Elixir as your hand MASK every time when you wash the dishes🤩 Apply a couple of drops of the Elixir on your hands, put plastic gloves on them and do your housework. After a couple of applications you won't recognize your hands anymore!
💆 your hair needs to be protected as much as your skin! When you go to the beach, apply Gold Elisir over the entire length (leaving only 5-6 cm free from the roots), gather your hair at the top of your head and secure it carefully with an elastic band. This way your hair stays protected and nourished. After the beach, take a shower washing your hair regularly using Extra Delicate Shampoo and Restructuring Conditioner .
💆♀️ if you forgot to protect your hair during the day, you can recover everything at night! Apply EXTREME REGENERATION Hair Mask in the evening to your hair and wash it in the morning with Extra Delicate Shampoo . The amino acids regenerate the hair structure and make it visibly stronger and softer to the touch.
☀️ sunscreen is very important! Throw away all of last year's creams! They have expired and cannot guarantee protection for your skin. Buy a new product every year. An important tip: do not apply the cream at home before going to the beach (if you go to the beach at 9.00-10.00), let your skin get some vitamin D which you need (children also need it). Apply sunscreen after 20-30 minutes of sunbathing. Don't forget to reapply the cream after taking a bath!
🤦♀️ sunburnt skin? Don't worry, it can happen to everyone! Here it will help you so much super soothing and calming Dermogel Aloe ! A fantastic product that will give you immediate relief and calm your irritated skin. Apply it several times a day! To accelerate cell regeneration you can add a few drops of Gold Elixir .
🍼 Drink lots of water! Buy a flavored water bottle (google it), add 2 lemon wedges and 2 mint sprigs to it. Now you have a great and refreshing detox drink that you will enjoy drinking.
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