Estratto di Calendula

Calendula extract

INCI : Calendula Officinalis Extract

Category : Dry extract

Contains : flavonoids, triterpenes, phytosterols, polysaccharides and carotenes.

Appearance : brown powder, partially soluble in water

Properties on the skin : it has soothing, immunostimulating, protective properties (also against damage caused by solar radiation). Flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory effect on sensitive and inflamed skin, stimulate re-epithelialisation, accelerate epidermal turnover and promote the activity of dermal fibroblasts, promoting collagen synthesis.

Properties on the hair : it contributes significantly to strengthening it and making it shinier, giving it a healthy and shiny appearance. It also works on oily hair to make it more silky and to deeply cleanse the scalp, therefore, as with the skin, it is also suitable for all hair types and has numerous benefits in store for each one.

Biodictionary :

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Mask IT . DETOX green clay mask.

A perfect solution for oily, combination, acneic, inflamed skin.

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