INCI : Caffeine

Category : Dry extract

Contains : polyphenols (chlorogenic acids)

Appearance : white powder, slightly soluble in water

Properties on the skin : Caffeine is a well-known lipolytic and draining agent. Its ability to stimulate lipase, the enzymes that dissolve fat in cells, is scientifically proven. It tones blood vessels, favors tissue oxygenation, stimulates drainage and the removal of stagnant liquids: for this reason it is particularly effective on matelassée skin typical of cellulite. It has a remarkable antioxidant power, capable of counteracting skin aging.

Properties on the hair : improves oxygenation and tones the blood vessels of the scalp (especially of the hair bulbs), strengthens the hair, stimulates active growth.

Biodictionary :

Where is it:

Mask IT . DETOX green clay mask.

A perfect solution for oily, combination, acneic, inflamed skin.

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